Robb McCoy started F.I.T. back in 2013 wanting to bring his passion and love of obstacle course racing to his local community.  Since then he has succesfully directed 40+ events in 4 different states, consulted for various companies and organizations, built backyard courses, built courses at fitness facilites and particapiated in over 100 events himself.   

Robb has been employed as full time Social Studies teacher at Norton High School for 20 years and was honored as a member of the 2021 Mass Council of Social Studies Department of Excellence.  He holds a Masters degree in education.  He has also coached football at every level through college for the past 16 years.  His passion is working with people and building positive relationships with all. 

Robb also serves as a Lululemon Ambassador for the Legacy Place location in Dedham, MA.  He is regarded as a "key athletic influencer who embodies the Lululemon culture and is respecetd by his community." #TheSweatLife

The true love in his life are his two beautiful children, Jaelyn (16) and Caden (10). When he's not teaching or getting ready for a race he's on the sidelines coaching his sons football team, or cheering his daughter on playing volleyball or lacrosse. His family resides in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Robb also founded and serves as President of the C2 Foundation which is a local non-profit organization in the town of Norton started in the memory of his friend Deputy Chief Tommy Petersen of the Norton Police Department.  He has also been instrumental in numerous fundraising opportunities and is driven to help students and children who are less fortunate.  The F.I.T. community under Robb's leadership raised over $4,500 last Christmas donated to students and families in need.  For his efforts he was awarded a Heart of Gold by the Norton S.E.P.A.C. "for providing school leadership in developing or carrying out instructional or social practices while implementing exceptional teaching practices in the school community to promote achievement and participation of students receiving special education services."


We began in the summer of 2013 at the Craker Barrel Fairgrounds in Wrentham, MA. Since then we have successfully executed 40+ events with over 20,000 participants while donating over $50,000 to numerous charities including The Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Joslins Diabetes Center, The Family Reach Foundation and Team Rubicon to name a few.

F.I.T. has has garnered 10 Best of OCR awards including Best Small Race Series 4 Years in a Row from 2016-2019.  In addtion, we were named a Community Events Champion By Joslins Diabetes Center in 2014.

Our events are ALL about YOUR Challenge, and we pride ourselves on this idea. These events are about YOU! Whatever that Challenge might be, accept it and come to our event and accomplish it!

Swag is VERY important to us and we work extremely hard to bring you the best each event!


Our award-winning OCR covers just over 3.1 miles with 20 obstacles and over 1,000 feet of elevation gain! It is a true Challenge in every sense of the word, however, it is one EVERYONE can accomplish. We have the mandatory completion elite wave for those seeking that, but our open waves are for YOU!

We do not have penalties for our open waves, do not require anything other than YOU Challenging yourself. This is YOUR race and we expect you to have Integrity and accept YOUR Challenge!

We have competitive mandatory completion waves for elites and age group folks and award prizes for the top 3!

Click HERE to see our obstacles!


Our Trail Races are held at the incredible Cumberland Monastery trails in Cumberland, RI.

We have 3 courses.  First is a 4.1 mile course we utilize for our Ultra event and both a 5K and 5 mile course utilized at our St. Patrick's Day event and Turkey Trot

Click HERE to head on over to our Trail Race page for more info including course maps & descriptions.

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